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  • Demens Landing Park
  • Bayshore Dr SE & 2nd Ave SE, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701 US

Complete your application to participate as an exhibitor in the Pride Run St. Pete Expo and secure your spot into the hottest event in St. Petersburg!

Please provide your business graphic or photo for the Pride Run St. Pete website by uploading a 239 x 162 .png file that uses a translucent background.  This is not required to complete your registration and can be provided later by sending the file to support@racelookup.com.

Please provide the URL for your business whether that be to your website or social media feed.  This URL will be linked on the Pride Run St. Pete website from the graphic or photo you provide.   This is not required to complete your registration and can be provided later with your graphic or photo.

Marketing Opportunities

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Please help us with an optional donation and then take pride knowing you've helped enable RaceLookup Foundation to continue its important mission!

Donate as little as $1 to as much as you want.

RaceLookup Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.

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As an Exhibitor, you acknowledge and agree to staff your space during festival open hours. Exhibitors should refer to the PrideRunStPete.com site regularly for the latest details, news, updates and adjustments.

Grounds Preservation & Waste Management

As an Exhibitor, you acknowledge and agree not to penetrate asphalt, cement, disturb landscape or cause a permanent or temporary change to the grounds where the expo is occurring. As an Exhibitor, you also acknowledge and agree not to use trash receptacles placed at the event for use by attendees and also will not use Vinoy Park or the City of St. Petersburg streets in any way for disposing of waste. After the time allowed for vacating has elapsed, anything remaining at the expo will be discarded. Exhibitors are expected to leave the grounds where the expo is being held in the same condition in which they found it upon arriving at the event. Depending on the nature of any items left on premise, it may revoke an Exhibitor's right to participate in future events produced by RaceLookup.

Tent Canopies

Exhibitor tent canopies must be weighted down to stabilize and hold tent to the ground so it is secure.

Electricity and Lighting

Use of electric must conform to the uniform fire code of Pinellas County.

Exhibitor Placement

RaceLookup reserves the right to place its Exhibitors according to its master plan. Space location will only be made available at the time of check-in. No refunds will be honored for dissatisfaction with space placement.

Exhibitor Imbalance

In RaceLookup's sole discretion, it reserves the right to approve registration applications and set limits on like Exhibitors at the Pride Run St. Pete Expo. RaceLookup will issue a full refund of all registration fees paid by an Exhibitor not approved by RaceLookup.


As an Exhibitor, you may cancel your participation in the Pride Run St. Pete Expo up until 45 days prior to the event for a full refund of registration fees paid. After this date, no refunds will be honored for any reason. When cancelling participation after this date, as an Exhibitor, you still agree to notify RaceLookup as soon as it is known that you will not attend.

Selling or Trading

Selling or trading of reserved Exhibitor space or extras is strictly prohibited.

Event Cancellation

RaceLookup in its sole discretion, may delay or cancel the event as it deems necessary, including if it believes the conditions on the day of the event are unsafe. If canceled, RaceLookup will refund exhibitors for any fees paid to RaceLookup for participating in the Pride Run St. Pete Expo. As an Exhibitor, you acknowledge and agree not to seek any further damages or restitution above the reimbursement of the Pride Run St. Pete Expo registration fees paid in the event delay or cancellation occurs.

Guarantee of Sales

As an Exhibitor, you acknowledge and agree RaceLookup does not and cannot guarantee any Exhibitor's sales or profits.


As an Exhibitor, you understand that RaceLookup does not provide a Wi-Fi network for Exhibitor use.

Vacating Premises

Vehicles will be allowed into the event to vacate at the end of the event when RaceLookup, the City of St. Petersburg or the Fire Marshall has deemed it safe to do so. Upon notification to vacate, as an exhibitor, you agree to quickly and efficiently deconstruct tents, tables, chairs, remove waste, clean the area, and remove all equipment and vehicles.

Permits, Licenses and Insurance

As an Exhibitor, you acknowledge and agree to secure and display all necessary permits and/or licenses required and to carry any necessary insurance needed for operating as a business at the Pride Run St. Pete Expo. RaceLookup may request proof of these at any time. RaceLookup is not liable and will not refund any fees if an Exhibitor is forced to close by any government agency for failure to produce necessary permits and/or licenses. In addition, RaceLookup does not provide exhibitors with general liability or worker's compensation insurance.

Personal & Business Property

RaceLookup is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen exhibitor property. This remains the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Photography Release

RaceLookup produces the Pride Run St. Pete Expo and reserves all rights as the producers. RaceLookup may film, broadcast, telecast, video, photocopy, tape or print any portion of the event for advertising or promotional purposes without compensation and exhibitors participating in the Pride Run St. Pete Expo waive and release any claim arising out of such use, publication or distribution.

General Release and Liability Waiver

Exhibitor agrees that it is acting as an independent contractor and will protect, waive, release, discharge any and all rights and claims for damages against RaceLookup, the beneficiaries, sponsors, hosts, other vendors, underwriters, advertisers, the City of St. Pete, Pinellas County, the State of Florida, all municipal agencies or private parties whose property and/or personnel are used or in any way assist the event, all sponsoring or cosponsoring companies, all hosting or cohosting companies, all individuals related to the event and all nonprofits associated with the event, together with their officers, directors, shareholders, successors, and assigns for any and all claims or liability for losses, injury or damages of any type arising out of or resulting from exhibitor's work activities or participation in the Pride Run St. Pete Expo and further covenants not to sue any of the aforementioned parties for such losses.

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