Club Registration

If the screen turns gray and you do not see the popup box, scroll to the popup and attach your 250 x 250 .jpeg or .png file.

Club Organizer information is not included as a part of your club listing and is not listed online.

Please allow up to 24 hours for review, approval, and posting of your club listing. RaceLookup reserves the right to review, approve and adjust listings to align with site formatting and to remove content it determines as being inappropriate for the RaceLookup website for any reason. Your club listing also must point to a valid website or social page as determined by RaceLookup. In the event your club listing is not approved, we will notify you.

If you click the Submit button, the screen turns gray, and you do not see the popup box, scroll up to the popup which tells you which field/s is in error.  Click OK, fix the field/s in error and click the Submit button again.

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